About Arlene

Artist's statment

"When I was a kid I played in the mud. Then I went to school and learned about clay. Now I am a potter and I create the most unique pottery in the Northwoods!"

Arlene Bozicnik


I was born in 1952 in Chicago, IL.  My family lived above the Andy Steak House, Oak Brook, IL while my parents' house was being built!
I grew up at 907 Butterfield Rd, Downers Grove, IL.  It was all farm land back then!! 1954 was the year!!
I frequently played in the mud at home and at cousin's house which was just down the road! I made first piece of pottery in first grade with Mrs Taylor! It was a hand print for my mom! Second piece I made was in second grade with Mrs. Peterson.  It was a leaf dish from the big maple that was in our yard.
I took all kinds of art and ceramics classes at Downers Grove North High School where I studied from 1966-1970.  It was there that I made my first thrown pot in 1969! My mom saved it! I still have it!!
I attended the College of DuPage  in Glenn Ellyn, IL 1970-1973 where I studies Art Ceramics Design and Drawing.
In the fall of 1973 I set out on the road doing art fairs, meeting people and making friends. I used to criss-cross the country doing shows and festivals. I would put on between 15,000 to 20,000 miles a year on the station wagon, mini vans and cargo van. I don't miss the road, just the people that  I met along the way!
In April 2003 I bought land in Boulder Junction, WI. I found a builder and designed a home with him from plans that I found sitting around at a friend's house up in the mountains of New Mexico. Construction began in August of 2004. I now know more about my house than I ever thought I would or should!!
I was able to move in May 2005... a new house with a big studio in the woods of Boulder Junction WI! HOME
I opened Arlene's Pottery & Gallery 2006.